Daniel Desario is a "freak" at William McKinley High School. He is portrayed by James Franco.


Daniel is best friends with Nick Andopolis, and has an unsteady relationship with Kim Kelly. He, Ken, and Nick have/had a band called Creation, named by Nick. He receives consistently poor grades, and has been held back twice, making him one of the oldest, if not the oldest, student in his grade. Because of this, his mom has no problems if he were to quit school and work instead. During the series he is repeatedly portrayed as a liar, and he frequently pressures Lindsay into doing things. Although commonly considered lazy it's implied his aversion to trying is brought about by a fear of failing and being confronted by the possibility that he can't do anything right.


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Nick Andopolis

He and Nick are best friends and they hangout together as Freaks. They made a band called Creation and Daniel where Daniel become the guitarist, even though Daniel is sure that Nick won't go anywhere with his drumming skills.

Kim Kelly

She is Daniel's on and off girlfriend. Even though they fight and break up alot, they both find each other as the only person that understands them.

Ken Miller

Ken is Daniel's friend since elementary school. He and Lindsay helped Ken get close to Ken's crush, Amy.

Lindsay Weir

Daniel and Lindsay are also friends since both of them are considered as Freaks. Daniel has unknowingly has manipulated Lindsay numerous times to get what he wants. Lindsay once helped him cheat on his Math test and he got an A, which resulted in Mr. Kowchevski questioning both Daniel and Lindsay and making them go to the principal's office.