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"Noshing and Moshing" is the fifteenth episode of the Freaks and Geeks TV series. It was written by J. Elvis Weinstein and directed by Jake Kasdan. The episode first aired on October 17, 2000.


Neal wrestles with the dilemma of whether to tell his mother about his father's affair. Lindsay is given detention after coming to the aid of a girl being attacked by a boy. At a party, she becomes attracted to Neal's older brother Barry, who is home from college.




  • While Daniel, Ken and Nick are in the liquor store, the cooler behind them contains flavors of Gatorade Frost that were not introduced until 1998.
  • When Daniel puts on the Black Flag album Damaged and listens to the song "Rise Above", we are meant to believe he is listening to it for the first time. Although it was originally recorded earlier to appear on a single, the song was not actually released until December of 1981. Since the single season of the show takes place over the course of the 1980-1981 school year, this album would not have been released until halfway through the next year of school. Also, in a previous episode he is seen wearing a shirt with the cover art from Jealous Again, the Black Flag EP from 1980. It is unlikely that Daniel would own that shirt but never have heard (of) Black Flag.
  • When Daniel, Nick, and Ken are at the punk rock show, a Mesa Dual Rectifier amp head is visible on stage being used by the band (immediately following when Barry is asked, yet again, if he's chosen a major). However, this amp was not released until 1989.


Further to the regular cast members appearing in all the episodes, the present episode also has the following recurring cast and guest stars:

Recurring roles Guest stars

opening credits:

  • tba

end credits:

  • tba

opening credits:

  • tba

end credits:

  • tba

Episode Soundtrack

Song titleArtistAlbumYear
"Spacefunk" Paul Feig
"Rise Above" Black Flag Damaged 1981
"Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not" X Los Angeles 1980
"You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You" Dean Martin This Time I'm Swingin'! 1960
"Lime Green" Diesel Boy Cock Rock 1996
"Happy Street" Diesel Boy Cock Rock 1996
"Punk Rock 101" Diesel Boy Cock Rock 1996

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