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Sam Weir


John Francis Daley
Harold Weir (father)
Jean Weir (mother)
Lindsay Weir (sister)
First appearance
No, Neal, I'm not making a mistake, okay? Just because a girl's pretty doesn't mean that she's cool
Samuel Harold "Sam" Weir is a 14-year-old boy in 9th grade. He is portrayed by John Francis Daley.


Sam seems to act as the leader of the group, and seems to be the least socially inept of the geeks. He spends most of his time with his two "geek" friends, Neal Schweiber and Bill Haverchuck. He is often the subject of ridicule by them due to his often sensitive nature, such as refusing to take a shower or not liking Cindy because they don't seem to be friends. This sensitive nature also leads to a lot of harassment from Alan. Through his relationship with Cindy, he meets more popular students and garners their respect. However, he finds them shallow, and severs all ties with them after he breaks up with her. Throughout the series, he has a clear sense of morals and sense of family. He often has to juggle his loyalties when dealing with his sister.


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